Perayaan Gelar Juara di beberapa negara di dunia

Perayaan Gelar Juara oleh para fans di beberapa negara di dunia

Shlomi Cohen sent us this scene from Israel

Fans young and old celebrated the win (Shlomi Cohen, Israel)

You don't have to be in Manchester to savour success (Shlomi Cohen)

Ryan Chu and his mates got their hands on a trophy!

Abiodun Usman celebrated in Lagos, Nigeria

Adam Rezenthel kisses the badge

Mamadou Traore from Mali sent us this snap

Title celebrations extended to Sweden (Daniel Pettersson)

These fans went home to celebrate with a lifesize Nemanja Vidic (Darcie Caldcleugh)

Francesco Vecchione gets excited in Rome

Francesco's parents were also delighted with the result

Hassan sent us this image all the way from Zambia

It's safe to say Josh Bloom, in San Diego, enjoyed the night

Karl Gunter can't wait to see the champions in Sydney this summer

Katik Chandrasekhar was one of the lucky ones at OT

This family in Kenya were glued to the TV (Michael Njoroge)

The Kuwait supporters' club watched the game together (Omar Altaf)

They were partying in the Ivory Coast, too (Samandoulgou Abdou Nassirou)

Saso Kranvogel and his mate celebrate in Slovenia

Twelve-year-old Vanita decorated her lounge with her sisters

Zaheer Ali was well prepared in South Africa

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